March 10, 2010

Nanxun is located in the plains of northern Zhejiang Province, Taihu Lake to the south, east and Suzhou Wujiang bordering Pudong, Shanghai, Huzhou City, east gate integration. The Grand Canal, long fairways and South Lake Shen Xun river bordering the city the city, through the Nanxun things dongtiao River tributaries are the lifeblood of this town and symbolic. That the United Kingdom is the silk business lake Shanghai Waterway along the length upon dongtiao River into the Nanxun.

As early as the Southern Song period, Nanxun already “mulberry cultivation of the rich, A Yu Zhejiang right.” Series Nanxun suburbs where villagers use clean water Tiaoxi reeling, the production of mercerized Run soft, revered as a lake in the Jiapin silk. Access to the Ming Dynasty, the world sericulture interests, has been “Mo Sheng Yu lake”, and a gun into, “especially in Nanxun as a” series of Barry’s Village to produce silk so they have dubbed “series where silk” of the name. To the Qing Dynasty, silk series where it is due to high quality and the name under heaven, Guangdong, Guangdong satin yarn, silk, Shanxi Lu and Jiangsu, Fujian and other places of silk raw materials, especially high-grade materials are required to Yang to the lake silk, Jiangning, Suzhou , Hangzhou Bureau of the State of weaving silk quarter of each year are to a large number of procurement of raw silk Nanxun.

Then Nanxun town, every Xiaoman listing of new silk, silk Tai on the line will be “out Stanford Xuan Tian, Qu road congestion”, “day trading tens of thousands of gold” silk trade boom to make it less than 100 meters of silk the densely packed with dam lines to more than 50 wire line operators Nanxun silk from China into the business community, and quickly grow into the largest wire business groups, in Shanghai, 91 wire-line, 70% of the South Xun people open. Nanxun in rural areas is to a “land of mulberry are all, without exception, silkworm’s home” grand occasion.

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