March 10, 2010

Hubei provincial museum of hubei province is the only comprehensive museum, is also the most important cultural relics collection, study and display, mainly for the cultural relics collection, storage, protection, displays and exhibitions of research work. Now building is located the scenery beautiful wuchang shore, wuchang district of wuhan in hubei address DongHuLu 156.
Hubei museum preparation in 1953, “” is at the beginning of foundation was founded in 1953, hubei province people’s science on March 16, approved by the provincial people’s government in the science of hubei province, on the basis of the preparatory establishment, and museum (hubei province and cultural relic management committee of the reconsideration office, 1957 provincial museum was formally established. Since 1959 moved east lake scenic area; the spring Jan 1963 renamed hubei museum, 3000 square meters building built and opening display, January 1999, the construction area of the bells museum built 5717 square meters; In December, 2005, chu cultural centers built open, In September 2007, the new comprehensive gallery opening built.
Currently, the total area of hubei museum 81909 square meters and a building area of exhibition area 49611 square meters, 13427 square meters. Architecture is a full-bodied, with ChuFeng subject, the axial symmetry. Library consists of bells, chu culture, comprehensive display floor, have professional staff of more than 200 people (including research studies, vice librarians and 21), librarians have offices, showrooms, responsibility, coordination, archaeological SheJiaoBu, WenBao center, business department. Belonging to hubei department.
[the] [editing cultural relic.
The possession of hubei province from the original period reflect different historical periods of the social system, social production and social life of all kinds of cultural relics, specimen 14 million pieces (sets), including more than 1,000 primary relics (set), in the museum. These collections from archaeological excavations and most of all, to collect, both rich cultural relics unearthed, bright color, also has the local characteristics, basic reflects the hubei area of ancient Chinese culture, and even in China, the part of the vessels in the history of ancient Chinese culture and has the important status. And the rich cultural relic category of complete, there is main kinds of pottery and porcelain, bronze ware, lacquer wood, collation, weapons, ancient Musical Instruments, ancient calligraphy and painting, numismatics JinYuQi, etc. Collection of yun county whole area, fossils was moonhawk, promoted jian, yuan daiqing of four lovemap is world-famous.
More than 14 million in collections, many are rare curiosa of high-profile and important scientific data. If neolithic jingshan qujialing eggshells painted pottery spinning wheels, Tianmen ShiGuHe culture jade, jade eagle, And the burial site sanqiaohotel dish of shang dynasty unearthed bronze dings, big YuGe and copper ye-tomahawk, With the county of bells unearthed from the warring states zenghou yi tomb of bronze and 16 curving flowers.the curving flowers, 28 accommodation wek-jin longfeng image suitcase, astronomy, The yunmeng sleep in the qin dynasty unearthed tiger legal documents, such as bamboo has high and the extremely important historical, scientific and artistic value.
Cultural relics museum of hubei province level basically has: the warring states period, 1965 promoted in jiangling mountain 1 grave unearthed bronze jian, known as promoted. During the warring states period (in 1978, the chimes with the county zenghou yi tomb, a total of 65 bells unearthed, the total weight of 2500 kilograms. During the warring states period, the chimes with the county in 1978 grouped chimes tomb, 32, unearthed engraved words above wanli. During the warring states of bronze statue, 1978, with the county zenghou yi tomb, honour the dish of hollow out attached by the investment casting technology ACTS. Antlers set in the warring states period, bronze crane, 1978, suizhou zenghou yi tomb excavated, it is a kind of imagination mascot. The big YuGe shang, jade, 1974 closing HuangBei dish the mouth the tomb no.3 unearthed in sanqiaohotel. Bronze, shang percussion, 1977, chung Yang white aegirine is China’s first ever discovered the skin timbals drum. And the tao chicken, circle in the warring states period, the tiger block bird frame drum, 16 day dragon, the northern JinZhan Peggy, lotus, tang dynasty celadons of musicians, Ming FengGuan etc.
Hunan museum of jiangling unearthed bronze sword, promoted a super-duke bronze spear and prince a screen, drawing woodcarving birds jingmen bag of chu “Alexander mound unearthed dowry lines to meet with” chu bamboo slips of judicial documents of lacquer painting, cloud dream sleep out of the tiger qin legal documents, and wuchang bamboo slips unearthed from the land of the church in supine celadon repeated lotus honour had high historical, scientific and artistic value, As the great sui (in) the dunhuang 608 XieJing, Ming painted JiangXiaPa WuWei book, “wu master door, four ShenZhou” Ming, qiu ying, songjiang levy DongJiChang sent, “eight ShanRen ChenJiRu, ZhuDa”, “eight weird yangzhou JinNong” ZhengXie ZhangYuZhao HuangShen, and, as the house of YangShouJing, ink, are a rarity. If the revolution of 1911 ShouYi wuchang ensign, a famous star when 18 YunDaiYing revolutionary leader and revolutionary martyrs, ChenTanQiu, MAO zedong, liu shaoqi, shiyang, zhou enlai, the relics and DongBiWu monument, are rare anomaly.
[editor this segment] [treasure of the town.
The treasure of the four moonhawk, fossils, yun county whole area for marquis bells, and promoted sword, yuan daiqing four lovemap bottle.
No person I fossil skull yun county whole area for paleolithic. : 1989 QuYuan yun county whole area, cranial estuary school constantly 26 centimeters wide, cranial, 19 centimetres tall 12 centimeters, cranial hubei was first discovered the skull fossils paleoanthropology.
Zenghou yi bells: for during the warring states period, 1978, with the county, hubei province unearthed zenghou yi tomb. Clock frame long 748 centimeters, high 265 centimeters. Full of 65 pieces, (three layers of eight groups are hanging on the copper QuCheXing timberwork clock on the shelf. Each clock can play in three degrees of the scale, complete clock half dozen two-tone JiZou XuanGong can transfer. For now the general scale in C, can play WuSheng, six or seven voice sound advanced music.
Promoted to spring sword: the period in the late 1965 jiangling mountain 1 tomb, long unearthed 55.7, respectively cm.
Yuan daiqing four lovemap bottle: for the period. In 2006, the king’s ZhongXiangShi Ying jing, high caliber 38.7 centimeters, 6.4 centimeters, 13 cm long. The bottle in the peony fung act; shoulder Abdominal “four love map blue act”, namely, wang tao yuanming love, love, and jing zhou refined, cranes, love, Foot decoration lifted. Repeat Ephraim, Three layers with careless grain appearance and take grain boundary. Craft, the color green is rare, gorgeous sound by science and the excavated yuan daiqing of high-quality.

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